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Baccalunch: the first all-baccalà restaurant of Florence


How many ways are there to prepare baccalà? You can find the answer to that question in the newly opened restaurant Baccalunch in the San Frediano quarter. Baccalunch is the first so-called baccaleria that opened its doors in Florence. The hero of every dish on the menu of a baccaleria is baccalà (salted cod).

The waters of the Italian seas are too warm for cod, but in salted form, it has been imported from northern Europe for centuries. Every region in Italy has its own specialties with baccalà.

Chef Francesca Niccolini of Baccalunch creates daily 12 different dishes with baccalà in combination with sometimes daring other ingredients. For example, what about baccalà tartar with lemongrass and ginger or a baccalà cabbage roll with rice and coconut milk?

In the open kitchen Chef Francesca uses only fresh seasonal ingredients and the best quality baccalà from Iceland. On the menu there is no such thing as antipasto, primo or secondo, you can just order what you like without having to worry about the Italian culinary etiquette of the various courses.

Baccalunch a cozy restaurant seating 20, is open for lunch from Tuesday till Sunday and on Saturday night also for dinner. It is located in the popular Oltrarno district where many artisan workshops and interesting shops can be found.

Via del Leone 24R

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