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How Florentine Marbled Paper is made

Discover the secrets of how Florentine marbled paper is made. Did you know seaweed plays an important part in the century old process?
Florentine Marbled Paper

Originally from Turkey, the antique art of marbled paper has been practised in Florence since the 16th century. With the revival of artisan workshops in Florence, especially in the Oltrarno neighborhood on the south bank of the Arno, the craft of Florentine marbled paper is flourishing once again. A diary, notebook or even pencil lined with marbled paper makes for a great souvenir to take home with you. Single sheets of marbled paper sell for as little as € 8.

In the Legatoria La Carta in Florence I got a demonstration how Florentine marbled paper is made. The paint is sprinkled on a gel made of seaweed, a pattern is created with a pencil or a comb, a sheet of paper is applied on top, remove it delicately and you have beautiful Florentine marbled paper. It seems to easy!

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