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La Loggia del Pesce

La Loggia del Pesce: The fish market that disappeared and was rebuilt after 90 years.
Loggia del Pesce

The Loggia del Pesce is located on piazza dei Ciompi in the Santa Croce area. Giorgio Vasari, who was already working on the famous Vasari Corridor, designed the loggia in 1567. Cosimo I de’ Medici didn’t want the stench of fish under his new corridor and had the fish market moved to the Mercato Vecchio, the central market square under the brand new loggia.

Loggia del Pesce
La Loggia del Pesce at its original location on Mercato Vecchio.


When that square was demolished in the second half of the 19e century to make room for the current piazza della Repubblica, the loggia was disassembled and put in storage in the museum of San Marco.

In 1955 the Loggia del Pesce found a new home on piazza dei Ciompi. Unfortunately the original circular fish sculptures were all lost and reproductions were made to replace them. The coats of arms were repainted but they are still the originals.

Loggia del Pesce

Loggia del Pesce Loggia del Pesce

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