Walking together in Florence against breast cancer

The charity walk for the fight against breast cancer, Corri la Vita, had its 12th edition today in Florence and established …

NY Times shows the beauty of Florence

Butteri or Tuscan cowboys spotted in Florentine park

The Americans think of course that they have the exclusive right to the cowboy, but the Tuscan region Maremma has its own kind of cowboy: il buttero.

“Finestra con vista” is the latest urban art project

A so-called art mob of close to 40 artists went out and decorated Florence with their urban art during the …

Monks humor

We all know how annoying the mobile phone can be in places where peace and quiet are more important than …

Odd creatures spotted climbing the walls in Florence

Unusual street art inspired by famous characters who played an important role in Florence's history and had an animal symbol.

How did Brunelleschi built the Dome of Florence?

At the end of the 13th century the city council of Florence decided that a large cathedral was to be …

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