The history of the Giglio of Florence

Giglio of Florence: The story behind the lily that turned out not be a lily at all.

In the footsteps of Dan Brown’s “Inferno” : Giardino di Boboli

With the book "Inferno" by Dan Brown in hand we discover the famous Boboli Gardens in Florence.


Who is the mystery man on the wall of Palazzo Vecchio?

The Palazzo Vecchio is such an impressive building with its square shape and high tower that it’s easy to overlook …

Learn how to talk with your hands like a real Italian

Italians love using their hands when they talk and there are over 250 known gestures that are still being used …

Zhang Huan exhibition at Forte Belvedere

After being closed down for renovations for five years, the Forte Belvedere reopened its doors in early July with a …

Upside-down in Borgo Ognissanti

When you walk through Borgo Ognissanti there are two buildings that stand out and will catch your eye immediately. On …

Recipe: Panzanella summer bread salad

Panzanella is a wonderfully fresh dish that gives you that Florentine summer feeling.

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