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It’s an easy bike ride from Florence to Parco dei Renai

Starting from Parco delle Cascine it’s an easy bike ride to the recreational lakes of Parco dei Renai situated near the town of Signa west of Florence. I first rode this path squeezed in between the Arno and the train tracks in 2007 and it was quite an undertaking because the path at a given moment just ceased to exist and you had to walk the last kilometer or so. The old path has been replaced by a paved bike path and even though you are close to the urban area you feel surrounded by nature. The bike path starts on the north bank of the Arno immediately after Ponte del Indiano and then it’s a matter of just peddling on.

Parco dei Renai consists of a protected WWF nature reserve, several lakes where water sports can be practiced and besides the beaches there also a couple of lawns where you can catch the sun. There is a beautiful swimming pool, restaurant and bar and they organize all kinds of sports or music activities during the summer months.

For more info visit the Facebook page of Parco dei Renai.




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