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A discovery of scent in the perfume museum of Lorenzo Villoresi

The name Lorenzo Villoresi is a well-known in the Italian and international perfume scene. His collection of perfumes and wonderful scents for the home can be found in the more high-end perfumeries and the Lorenzo Villoresi boutique in Florence.
In the centuries-old family home in Via de’ Bardi, Villoresi and his wife Ludovica have created a world where everything revolves around fragrances – from the perfume shop, and the courtyard with aromatic plants to the recently opened perfume museum.

The perfume museum, or an even better name would be the museum of scent, is located in the basement under the house. It can be visited by appointment, and you get a guided tour with an expert who can tell you everything about perfume and fragrances. There is a film that tells about the history of perfume; you also discover how perfume is made, how a fragrance palette is constructed and that there are more ways to smell than with just your nose. During the interactive route through the world of scent, you can take a sniff at numerous different ingredients in the various rooms – from flowers and plants to spices, wood, and minerals if you think that all the components used in perfume smell nice, you have never smelled civet. I will definitely skip that jar next time.

We often do not realize how important scents are in our daily lives and how strongly they are connected to our emotions and memories. I enjoyed smelling all the different fragrances and the effect they had on me immensely.

The Lorenzo Villoresi boutique and the perfume museum are located in Via de’ Bardi 12.

Our wonderful guide Ludovica Villoresi.

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