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Photos intoFlorence featured in Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ Special Illustrated Edition

Earlier this year the American publisher of Dan Brown approached me. They were busy compiling the illustrated edition of the bestseller ‘Inferno’, which is partly set in Florence, and their search for suitable photos had brought them to my

In particular, they were interested in the photos I took inside the Palazzo Vecchio during an ‘Inferno’ tour of the map room, the secret passages, the death mask of Dante and the attic with wooden trusses. They also wanted a photo of the American consulate. Anyone who has read the book knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Below is a screenshot of the photo credits in the American edition, including typo…. it should be ‘Comune’, but they didn’t get that mistake from me!

The illustrated edition is out now and can be ordered on

These are the photos I took that were included in ‘Inferno’.

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