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Street Art is the new Urban Renaissance of Florence

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Street Art Florence

The Florentines are very proud that, a long time ago, the Renaissance was born in their city. Everything in Florence is therefore devoted to this crucial period in European history. One might even say that Florence has remained a bit stuck in the Renaissance, thus leaving very little room for new forms of art by young contemporary artists.

In recent years a new generation of artists has emerged who have started a new Renaissance to bring art closer to the people once again. The streets of Florence and the walls of the palaces are their “canvas” and not even the street signs are safe. The artists of the Urban Renaissance strive to make the city a bit more colorful, put a smile on your face, make you think or inspire you.

Each has its own distinctive style, and once you know what to look for, you’ll start spotting them all over town.
Get to know the most famous urban artists of Florence with this quick Street Art Guide.


The French artist Clet Abraham found his home in Florence, where he has his studio in the San Niccolò district. After having focused mainly on painting, several years ago he started with a very particular form of street art. Mysteriously, funny stickers started appearing on the Florentine street signs, and it soon became apparent that it was Clet who rode around town on his bike at night and decorated the signs.


This mysterious artist is only known by his alias Blub. With his project L’Arte sa nuotare (Art can swim) he depicts famous works of art and characters mainly in blue, white and black. But what makes this so unique? They all wear a diving mask and are underwater. Blub often uses the metal doors of gas and electricity meters, on which at first he painted directly, but now sticks posters of his work to because they are regularly removed.


The stylized line figurines with a red heart or balloon spring from the creative mind of the Florentine artist known as Exit/Enter. With his minimalist drawings, he brightens up your day or makes you stop and think for a moment. Exit/Enter’s star is also rising outside Italy, earlier this year his work was presented at the Street Art Museum in Amsterdam.

Carla Bru

One of the few female street art artists is Carla Bruttini, better known as Carla Bru. The most famous creation that comes from her studio in the San Niccolò district is the red-haired shaman, a powerful feminine symbol, which you can find at various spots in the city.

Hopnn Yuri

The most famous work of the artist born in the Marche, are the red and white figures in Via Toscanelli. With the cycling characters, he wants to promote the use of bicycles in the city. The owner of the restaurant on the opposite side of the street is the self-declared protector of the murals.

Street Art & Food Tour

If you want to learn more about the Florentine street art, you can book the Florence Street Art & Food Tour of Exclusive Connection. Together with the English-speaking guide and art historian Lucia, you’ll explore the characteristic Oltrarno district in search of the street artists of Florence. Visit the studios of Clet, Carla Bru, and Blub where you can see the artists at work. Along the way, there is, of course, enough time for a snack and a drink, and you’ll be introduced the Florentine street food. For more info and bookings visit the Exclusive Connection website.

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Some more photos I took during the Street Art & Street Food Tour I did with Exclusive Connection.

The readers of intoFlorence receive 10% discount by mentioning the discount code: STREETARTFOOD28

Street Art & Food Tour of Exclusive Connection

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