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Zhang Huan exhibition at Forte Belvedere

Contemporary Chinese art at historic Florentine location.

After being closed down for renovations for five years, the Forte Belvedere reopened its doors in early July with a showcase of works from the contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Huan. The exhibition entitled “Soul and Matter” consists of a series of paintings created with the ashes collected from Buddhist temples and Buddha sculptures in metal, cow skin and ashes. Personally I really enjoyed the paintings of the Free Tigers and the three-headed Buddha placed outside against the beautiful panorama of Florence.

I was at the doors of the fort at 10am on a Monday morning and I was the first visitor to enter. There were only a handful of other visitors and that gave me the opportunity to check it all out at my own pace. When I made my way back down the hill around 11.30am groups of tourists where coming up, so it might be a good idea to be there early, especially considering the summer heat.

The Forte Belvedere is absolutely worth a visit for the spectacular view of Florence alone.



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