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In the footsteps of Dan Brown’s “Inferno” : Palazzo Vecchio

The secrets of Palazzo Vecchio unlocked with Dan Brown's bestseller "Inferno" in hand. Hidden doorways and mysteries in one of the most famous buildings of Florence.

After the protagonists of Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ Robert Landon and Sienna Brooks manage to escape through the Boboli gardens and the Vasari Corridor, the words “Cerca Trova” lead them straight into the political heart of ancient and modern Florence: the imposing Palazzo Vecchio.

We followed in the footsteps of Dan Brown’s bestseller and did the special ‘Inferno’ guided tour organized by Mus.e Firenze.

You can book your Inferno tour in the Palazzo Vecchio also in english on the website of Mus.e Firenze.


Entrance in via Ninna.


Hall of the Five Hundred.





Secret passage in the hall of the maps.



The attic.




Click on the photos for a larger view.

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