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Filistrucchi: Wigmaker since 1720

The oldest company of Florence has been passed on from father to son for almost three centuries.

The wigs workshop Filistrucchi in via Verdi is the oldest company of Florence, since it opened its doors back in 1720, it has always passed on from father to son and after nearly three centuries it is still located in the same building.

The shop started its activity in the time when the barber did not only cut hair and shave but also made wigs, and functioned as the local pharmacist, dentist, phlebotomist, perfumer and makeup artist for both women and men. In the 18th century, wigs and makeup were not only used by actors in the theater, but it was common for the nobility, the rich and their servants to cover their heads with a powdered wig.

In the 300 years that the company has been in business, many big names in the world of theater have worn Fillistrucchi wigs on the stages of world famous theaters like Teatro alla Scala, Teatro Comunale of Florence and Bologna, San Carlo, the Fenice, the Petruzielli, the Stabile in Genoa, the Piccolo in Milan, and the Metropolitan Opera in New York and Boston.

To this day you can come to Filistrucchi for wigs, hair pieces, masks and latex prosthetics, makeup and special effects.

On the facade of the building you can clearly see that time has taken its toll. The letters of the name Filistrucchi are peeled off and the wood is bare. The property has a long and rich history, and it has been flooded twice. The first time was during the flood of November 3, 1866 and the second time during the infamous flood of November 4, 1966 when the water of the Arno reached a level of up to 6 meters.

Both floodings are commemorated on the facade of Filistrucchi with a tile that indicates the dates and water levels.

Filistrucchi: Wigs maker since 1720


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