Florence seen from the air in unique panorama photo art

The Dutch photo artist Robbert Frank Hagens made unique panoramic photographs of Florence from a helicopter using an old camera with slide film.

Things to do during the winter in Florence

What is there to do in the winter in Florence? You won't get bored with the many museums, Christmas events, theater, film, shopping and fine dining.

A sunny Sunday Tuscany Autumn afternoon

Tuscany is gorgeous in October, I took a trip in the countryside and enjoyed the lovely day sitting in an olive grove and watching the scenery.

Torre della Zecca: The final defence tower of Florence

Torre della Zecca was the final defence tower of Florence on the east side of the city, where it closed the circle of city walls towards the Arno.

Fly like a bird over Florence

What a marvelous view the birds have when they fly over Florence! See what they see with this beautiful video shot with a drone flying over the most famous monuments of the city.

Spend the night at Villa Barberino in a medieval hamlet

Hotel Villa Barberino in the Valdarno area is positioned in what once was a medieval castle; the rooms are in various historic buildings located inside the walls.

A walk in Le Balze: the landscape behind Mona Lisa

A walk in one of the most unusual sceneries of Tuscany: Le Balze in the Valdarno area between Florence and Arezzo.

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