Spring in the Chianti

Temperatures are rising and after the spring rain Tuscany is blooming. Last week we took a road trip in the …

Piazza del Limbo Florence

Piazza del Limbo

Piazza del Limbo is a picturesque square that was once a graveyard for unbaptized children.

First floor Mercato Centrale reopened

Florence has gained a new culinary paradise with the reopening of the first floor of the legendary Mercato Centrale. The …

An evening with top chef Entiana Osmenzeza

  The Palazzo Medici Riccardi was the beautiful location for an encounter with Entiana Osmenzeza, executive chef of the prestigious …

Loggia del Pesce

La Loggia del Pesce

La Loggia del Pesce: The fish market that disappeared and was rebuilt after 90 years.

A journey through Medieval Florence

What is left of the Middle Ages in Florence? A story about towers, squares and alleys, family feuds and bloody vendettas.

Sweet tooth heaven at the Fiera del Cioccolato

The Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale is held for the tenth time this week on Piazza Santa Maria Novella, in the heart of …

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